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Friday, August 1, 2014

Many Happy Returns

After being dropped by me or whacked by large animals one too many times, my good old Nikon D3000 finally reached the end of its useful life.  So for my birthday, Herb gave me an I.O.U. for a new camera.  I chose the newer version of my old camera, a Nikon D 3300 with more than twice the megapixels (from 10 up to 24) AND video!

I haven't tried out the video yet, but here are some still shots with my new camera.  This is a candid I snapped of Kara in our kitchen.  It was taken "on the fly," and if I'd composed it more carefully I would not have chosen to place a basket on her head, but I love it, anyway.

This is a strange Holstein!

One great feature of my new camera is a continuous shutter speed.  Before, I could take several shots quickly, but this camera snaps one right after the other and keeps going as long as the shutter is held down.  So when Wellie does something interesting like meeting Julie for the first time, I can snap a bunch of photos and choose the one I like best.

Do not walk behind me--Just pretty much leave me alone!

Poor Julie clearly wishes Wellie would stop "getting to know all about you."  Thanks to the continuous shutter, I was able to choose the best shot of her dismayed expression.

Green, green, our jealous hearts 
My new camera has a lens that actually works.  (The old one was jammed, making all my recent photos pretty wide angle and distant.)  The zoom allowed me to step back quickly from guarding Siobhan's food, widen the angle, snap the photo, and step back up before Angel, Macree or Julie could shove in--although Angel was already moving in!

I love my new Nikon!  You're sure to hear more about it as I try out the telephoto lens and the video function.  This birthday present will ensure many happy returns of the day, indeed! 


  1. That new camera sure does a good job. It really takes some nice pictures, what a great gift.

  2. That is a great picture of Kara! I'm glad she let you keep this one! I remember an interesting fight at the dinner table a few years ago when she made you delete one! Love, Sarah

    1. Yes, Sarah, she was determined I would delete it! :)

  3. Love the pic of Kara!! Have fun with the new camera. . .but I know you will!


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