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Dexter Cattle: Articles and Links

Here is a collection of resources on various aspects of raising Dexter cattle.  Some links are to articles by various experts or Dexter breeders whom we respect.  Other links are to posts in this blog.  The topics are alphabetized.

American Dexter Cattle Association
A2 Beta-casein
Buying a Family Cow
Color Genetics
  • Irish Dexter Cattle ProBoards discussion forum is well-organized with easy-to-find subject headings on almost any topic you could wish.  Be warned--it's addictive!
  • Keeping a Family Cow ProBoards discussion forum is a helpful site for various subjects, including a 911 section for help with emergencies.  A few members milk Dexters, although the majority milk other breeds.
Loss of an Animal, the Hard Part of Farming
  • Keeping a Family Cow ProBoards discussion with encouragement from experienced farmers who still care and still cry when they lose an animal.
Pasture Management
PHA (Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca)
Polled Genetics
Recipes for Dexter Beef and Milk
Registration and Genetic Testing
  • BBC - Countryfile "visits a Dexter herd being grazed in the mountains of Kerry and sees how it is supporting a local artisan food buisness, The Dingle Dexter Beef Company."
Zephyr Hill Herd Genetics

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