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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Welcome Home Surprises

We were gone for 10 days to Texas to visit family and attend a Stephen Ministries Leadership Training Course in Dallas.  Kara was our faithful farm sitter who kept animals fed and water tanks full during some of the hottest days this summer.

Once we had greeted Kara and the dogs we were off to feed and say hi to all the animals.

The first--and very pleasant--surprise was that when I hollered "Ooooh, cow!" the first one running to greet us was Tiggy!  She still wouldn't let us touch her, and she didn't want any of the feed we were offering, but she sure came running.  She looks so much bigger than when we left!
The next surprise was seeing how much Wellie has grown.  Kara texted us photos while we were gone of Tiggy and Wellie touching noses through the fence at feeding time.  Neither one is interested in their mamas' feed--they just want to be friends!

This "cow" in the back pasture is 13 1/2 month old Macree, Siobhan's heifer from last year.

Macree has grown nicely and is looking good.

However, a not-so-nice surprise (Kara fore-warned us) is that Macree has a new admirer.  Royal apparently found a spot in a fence that he could get through, and he abandoned Ebony, his "intended," for a cute young thing.  We were glad that Kara knew better than to try to come between a bull--even a nice one like Royal--and a heifer in season!

So we have a fence-repairing job in order to keep Royal where he belongs!  We also have the vet coming to give an injection of Lutalyse to Macree as a precaution.  He said that although she is in good condition, she's too young to be bred.  If she is indeed bred, she would calve almost two months before her second birthday, at least two months too early.

There's never a dull moment on a farm, not even when you go away.  And the work is never done because just when you think it is, the animals will find a way to make some more!  But we were thankful to have had them in good hands while we were gone--and even more thankful to be back home.  

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