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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spa Day for Cows

After a winter of rain, mud and eating hay, the girls were all looking like they could use a makeover, especially Siobhan (right) because her harness keeps her from rubbing her winter coat off.  So today was spontaneously designated Spa Day for Cows.

A metal curry comb does a great job of loosening the dirt and dead hair.  A good bristle brush then lifts out the dirt and brushes it off.

While Siobhan's harness hung to air after its cleaning, she luxuriated in some neck-bending scratches and licks.  While I brushed her she arched into the curry comb like a cat being stroked, obviously loving every minute.
There's still some winter coat left, but there's also a bit more sheen to her coat.

Decked out in her custom fly mask, she's a new woman, sexy and mysterious.

Next the mobile spa went over to Macree and Ebony in the Home Pasture.  They were both lying down in the shade shack chewing their cud, so I stood over Macree and brushed what I could reach of her while she stayed right where she was.

By the time it was Ebony's turn, my back was ready for a break so I sat down next to her.  She didn't mind me . . .

. . . and when I started to stroke her neck, she stretched out like a cat and leaned into the curry comb.  I ended up laying over her back to reach her other side, and we stayed like that for several minutes.

Jet wandered over to join us.  Ebony doesn't chase him off like Siobhan does, so he felt safe enough to lie down nearby and hang out with the girls while they got gorgeous.

Ebony went off decked out in her fly mask looking shiny . . . and almost ready to be a mommy!  Stay tuned for Ebony's Calf Watch coming up!


  1. Very sweet, my girl is loosing her hair, with the warm weather, perfect time for me to "Spa" her too! Esther

    1. It's pretty fun, isn't it? And they love getting some attention.

  2. Well, ive gotta go give my girls a spa day now!!! :)

    1. Hooray, looks like we've started a trend! Little did I know I was getting Ebony gorgeous for the arrival of her baby! More to follow . . .


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