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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mrs. Tiggywinkle Is Here!

So much for doing a post on Ebony's calf watch--I guess she heard I was going to plaster photos of her private parts all over the internet, so she pre-empted me!  After I got up this morning, I went to check if Ebony was still lacking some progress toward calving and if I could safely spend the morning with the grandkids--and found a calf!

Wasn't it thoughtful of Ebony to let me know she appreciated the shade shack by giving birth in there?  Not knowing there was a calf, I brought the dogs, but they got taken back in the house pretty quickly!

Meet NewHope Mrs. Tiggywinkle out of New Hope Ebony Belle, by Woodmagic Hedgehog III.

She walks like a Walking Horse!  Can that girl move!

She's quite adventuresome, and Ebony has a time keeping up with her.

Ebony guzzled down her bucket of warm molasses water.  She says, "Thank you, nice KFC people, for telling Susan about that!"

When I picked Tiggy up to carry her on the scale, she let me know what she thought of THAT!  Well, at least I know she's eating and the plumbing is working!  Calf poop is good, even down my leg, when I know everything's fine.

No lady likes to have her weight broadcast in public, but this little gal is a lot heftier than she looks, all 40 pounds of her.  No wonder I was huffing and puffing carrying her up the steep hill this morning!

There they go, sweet new baby and attentive mama.  We're so thrilled to have Mrs. Tiggywinkle here on Zephyr Hill Farm!


  1. She looks lovely Susan, and strong and healthy. Looks like you have some pasture starting to grow too. Sticky colostrum calf poo is just icky! At least you know she got colostrum LOL

    1. Thanks, Louise, I'm so thankful that she came safely, especially since I was caught off-guard. Yes, there's some grass coming in. That was my first colostrum poo baptism, so I guess that makes me officially a farmer! ;) Yes, that was my thought--at least I know she got it.

  2. Aww, sweet!!


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