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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

After the Rain

From Sunday night into Monday morning we had over 2" of rain.  I always love to go out and see what things look like after the rain, so the dogs and I went together.

The horses came galloping to see us, so of course the dogs ran to meet them . . .

. . . and everyone had lots of fun racing up and down the pasture.

Jet loved running through the water as much as dear Zephyr ever did, but he was so fearless he jumped into the raging creek--and back out again, thankfully.

Eventually everyone got tired and settled down.

Jet got a ride back in the Doodad, a new trick I'm teaching him.
When Herb got home about 8 that evening, I enticed him to join me in another walk.  It fit in with one of the counseling books he's been putting into practice, taking a few moments here and there in the day to savor the good things.  It's a secular book, but a very biblical practice, also known as "giving thanks!"

Sir Loin (who has escaped from the Lower Pasture again, and it's simply not worth putting him back in) came up to us to savor some good things for himself, scratches!

I love these walks in God's beautiful creation after He sends the rain!


  1. Glad to hear you all got that nice rain--it has been dry here!

    1. Belive me, if we get any more, I'll send it your way!


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