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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Walk in the Snow

This is a pretty banal title for such a rare event!  It all started this morning . . .

I woke up to this outside our back door . . .

... and this out front.

Herb was just coming in from feeding the animals.  When he went out, there was nothing at all on the driveway or road.

By the time he walked down to get the paper fourteen minutes later, the road was covered.

Two hours later the snow had stopped, and we decided to take a walk.  Everything was so silent with all sound muffled by the snow.

Ebony tasted the snow--maybe our meager amount made her homesick for the mountains of Kentucky.
The top of the Back Pasture was our objective.

With the snow highlighting the ground through the bare trees, you can actually see our eight acres of woods up the hill above the Lower Pasture.

A look back at the house on the other side of the Home Pasture.

We walked along the road at the bottom of Kara's Pasture with the Lower Pasture on our left.

The old log cabin is timeless decked out in snowy white.

Falling snow blurred my lens as I looked through the trees to see the creek running.
Our objective reached, we had a bird's-eye view of the whole farm.

The pond is completely full.  If only it held water!

I'm a sucker for upside-down reflections.

While I'm usually not a black-and-white kind of person, I love what it does to this photo.

Don't believe everything you see . . .

All was perfect peace and quiet with the snow muting color as well as sound.

Two weeks ago the dogs walked on this water!

It's easy to understand why someone once lived here.

Sure that we must have treats in our pockets, the horses followed us all along their fence.

We could already see that this snow would be short-lived as it sagged in garlands from the gate.

The last snowy lane leading to the front gate . . .
And we were back home.  What a nice way to spend a snowy morning!


  1. Thanks for letting me come along on your beautiful walk! Absolutely gorgeous photos!

    1. Thanks for joining me, Barbara--and just think, we weren't even cold! :)


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