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Saturday, February 8, 2014

High Spirits

Yesterday Mrald Crown Royal got his first taste of Zephyr Hill Farm, turned loose into the Home Pasture.

He leaped high.

He ran fast.

He butted heads.

He bucked like he was auditioning for a rodeo!

After about 20 minutes, Royal had raced and explored all over the pasture, and Sir Loin had gotten tired of challenging him to head-butting contests, so they both settled down to graze.

The third week of Royal's quarantine will be spent right behind the house, across from the barn, where we can keep an eye on him and easily spend time working with him.  The horses and Boudin (older steer) are shut into the Lower Pasture with no possibility of touching noses through the fence.  So for now it's just Royal and Sir Loin hanging out together in their bachelor pad.

What else would you expect from a handsome young guy who's just been given the keys to the pasture?  High spirits, of course!

(And yes, the pun is intended!)  


  1. I think he must approve of the accommodations! He sure does look delighted!

  2. To be honest, Barbara, I think he approved of getting OUT of the accommodations! :) It's the "grounds" he loves!


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