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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Telling a Tale of Tundra

With all the focus on the puppies lately I haven't posted much about Tundra since shortly after her birth on July 6.  She's a month old now, and it's time for the puppies to share the spotlight with her.

Misty came with us to check on Sara and Tundra, and Tundra was curious.

Sara, not being a fan of dogs, warned her baby, "Stay away from dogs and humans!"

But Tundra stuck around.

Here she is with Sara's slobbery kiss on her head, looking at Hero and wondering if maybe mama's right after all.  At any rate, she didn't go see him.
Tundra doesn't seem to have any bad memories of the time we pulled tail hairs when she was a few days old, so she didn't see any reason to avoid us humans.

She settled down for a snack.

And then she came back over to watch us some more.

Maybe she liked the sound of our voices talking about what a gorgeous girl she is!

But Sara thought Tundra had had enough human fussing for one day, and she walked off, accompanied by her obedient baby.

And that's the end of that tail!


  1. The 2nd to last photo is my favorite--she is gorgeous! Barbara

    1. Thanks, Barbara, it's my favorite, too! I really am happy with what a nice-looking heifer she is--but her A2 test came back today and she's only A1/A2. :( I told Kara that if we hadn't named her Tundra, I probably would have named her Davina, Irish for "little deer" because she's as pretty and dainty as a fawn. Sara may not be much in the personality department, but she's photogenic AND she gives us beautiful heifers!


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