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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kissin' Cousins

Last Friday (while Herb was away in Ohio) two-month old Macree noticed Tundra, her one-month old cousin, in the next pasture and went over to say hello.

To be strictly factual, little Tundra is actually Macree's aunt.  Here's how it works:  
Sara is the mother of Siobhan.  
Siobhan is the mother of Macree, therefore Macree is Sara's granddaughter.  
Sara is also the mother of Tundra, therefore Tundra is Siobhan's little sister.  
Therefore Tundra is Macree's aunt.  
And there you have it, bovine genetics--more tangled than a Jeff Foxworthy redneck joke!

Tundra noticed Macree at the fence and came over to say hello back.

Kissin' cousins!
Zephyr Hill Farm is a beautiful place to be a calf growing up.

If only her cousin was truly within kissing distance, Macree thought it would be a perfect place to grow up.

Note to self:  Macree is smart and resourceful! 
On Sunday (while Herb was on his way home) Siobhan's bellowing alerted me to the fact that Macree had taken matters into her own hands hooves.

No fence was stopping her from playing with her cousin!

As cute as it is, something is not right with this picture, and I had to fix things for Siobhan.

The Doodad got me down there quickly with food on board, and after a little careful maneuvering to keep Sara and Tundra from going through the gate, I reunited Macree with her parents.  The whole family got a snack . . .

... and I got a thank you.  You're welcome, Siobhan!


  1. Those pictures of Macree and Tundra together are just adorable! I had been wondering if they had met yet. :)

    1. Thank you! They are adorable, even if Macree is very naughty! I wish they could play together now, but we aren't allowed to have Cash, our leased bull, in with Sara and Tundra because of Sara's horns. At this point it's more important for Siobhan and Macree to stay with Cash so Siobhan can get bred again. After Sara gets home from getting bred in Kentucky, Macree and Tundra will have a fun reunion and really get to play together!

  2. ...more complicated than a Jeff Foxworthy joke...LOL!!

    1. You're so right, Carrie! Although I guess it's not as funny. There's not much funnier than a Jeff Foxworthy redneck joke, especially if you live in redneck country!


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