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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Introducing Jet and Bonnie

First, meet Karen of Karashome Shelties, a breeder of Shetland Sheepdogs near Danville, Kentucky.  She's holding the two puppies who were born on D-Day.  The puppy on the left looks like their mama Icey, and the puppy on the right looks like their daddy Walter.  Karen called them Liberty and Ike, but they both got new names on the same day they came to live at Zephyr Hill Farm.
Meet Jet (short for Karashome Jet Stream) and Bonnie (short for Karashome Bluebonnet).  They're checking out their new back yard.

Bonnie belongs to Kara . . .

... and Jet belongs to me.  I decided to give him a wind name in honor of Zephyr, my first Sheltie-love.  Zephyr was sweet and gentle, like the breeze called a zephyr.  Jet promises to be just as fast and lively as a jet stream.
The puppies met Hero . . .

... and Hero invited them to play.  They were a little scared, but they played with him . . .

... and each other.  Jet is smaller and faster; Bonnie is bigger and stronger.

Then Jet met Misty and wondered . . .

... "Are you my mother?"  No, she's not and she doesn't want to play.  Sorry, Jet!

So Bonnie and Jet played together some more.

Mama took lots of pictures of her new baby!

And Mimi took lots of pictures of baby Bonnie and her mama Kara.
Hero got inspired and expressed his own inner puppy with his Daddy.

And Jet watched from a safe distance.  He and Bonnie learn fast!


  1. Oh!! Wonderful pictures and comments! I do think the 2 have a wonderful home. Their Mom, Icey and I miss them tho' Give them hugs from us!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I'm sure you and Icey do miss them. Tell her poor Jet cried for her last night! Hopefully he'll get over it soon. I'm sure it helps being able to play with his sister during the day! We'll give them lots of hugs from you both!

  2. Ohhhhh, they are both so sweet! Love them both! So glad you found such a darling dog!

    1. Thank you, Barbara. If only they could stay small forever (except it will be nice when they're potty-trained!)


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