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Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Mama, Love Jet

Dear Mama,

Bonnie and I love our new home, but we miss you a lot.  I howl for you at bedtime.  I hope you can hear me all the way to Kentucky!  It's very pathetic--it tears my new mama's heart out!  We're learning lots of new things here in Georgia.

We're learning to go "outside" and go down the stairs.  We aren't even afraid anymore!
We're learning to go "potty."  Mama says "Good potty, Jet!" when I go.

Bonnie's learning to chase her tail.

We're learning not to eat Mama's shoes even though it's too much fun!

We're learning lots of cool moves like "I'm going to eat your face!"

"The French kiss bite" (cheek-to-cheek).

"The side-by-side take-off" invented by me, Jet, of course!

"The wolf howl."

The "Back-biting isn't a sin if you're a puppy" move.

The "Natural windblown ears" look.

The "Save me from my mean sister" hang-dog look.

"The fly-by snarl."

"The cat stalking a bird" move.

The "Put your best foot forward" pose.

"I vant to suck your blood!"

The "I said Uncle!" plea.

"The one ear catch."  Often followed by "Save me from my mean sister" or "Uncle!"

"Stop eating my neck or I'll eat your face!"

"The one leg take-down," a genuine wrestling move.

The pause to throw in "See how cute I am?"

"This is the way the horsie goes, gallop, gallop, gallop."

The "Running to Mama" move always gets an "Awww" from Bonnie's mama, Kara.
"Truce?" is a good move . . .

... but it doesn't usually work, so then I use "Run, run as fast as you can, You can't catch me, I'm

I think there (yawn) was another one . . . but I just . . . can't . . . quite . . . zzzzzzzzzzz.



  1. Dear Jet,

    I still miss you and Bonnie very much, but am glad you two are having so much fun. Ms Karen says the pictures are priceless and the 1st few of you are hilarious! Thank your new Moma for posting all of them.

    Love Moma Icey (U-GRCH Beech Tree Ice Dancer, U-ROM)

    1. Dear Mama Icey,

      Our new mama says you're welcome to you and Ms. Karen, and she's glad you liked the pictures. She says we're so cute it's impossible to take a bad picture of us!

      Love, hugs and lick-y kisses,

      Jet and Bonnie

  2. Too, too cute! Love the one of them galloping--the pics are so good I can almost see them moving--FAST!!

    1. It's a good thing I have a "sport" option on the camera, Barbara, or they would be blurs most of the time! Jet is really earning his name, and he has a new nickname--Rocket Man!


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