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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Unwelcome Guest

The previous post recounted a lovely day with special guests.  This post is about a much less welcome guest.  We've been hearing him in the vicinity, but he came really too close for comfort today:

I first saw him sitting on the grass between the tree and the house, but when I went onto the porch to get a closer look, he flew up in the tree.
I wasn't able to catch them with my camera, but two very angry little birds (wrens, maybe?) were fluttering around telling him off.

I really need to get after the local telephone company to remove the large unneeded wire that runs across our pasture because we do not want this guy to have a place to sit and watch our chickens.  A few years ago a hawk grabbed one of our meat chickens in the exact spot I found this one today.  I chased it away, and the chicken survived, but that didn't endear hawks to me!  Take your eerie "scree! scree!" somewhere else, buddy, and leave our birds in peace!  


  1. Boy, does he look big! I hope he moves on to hunt somewhere else!

    1. He was back today and a pair of mockingbirds were after him. When I opened the back door he took off from under the tree and the mockingbirds chased him all the way out toward the Back Pasture when I lost sight of them. I just looked out the window and saw him back AGAIN! I wish Misty would stay on the back porch and go after him!


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