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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Twenty-One Ways to Have Fun on the Farm

Friday we had dear friends over for breakfast along with their three kids.  We remember when they first met and were dating long distance--how time flies!

After breakfast it was time for fun . . .

1)  Take a family portrait with the Doodad.

2)  Take a ride on Julie.
3)  See things from a new perspective.

4)  Sit your horse straight and tall.
 5)  Enjoy being the only one who can reach the stirrups.
 6)  Ride a pony for the very first time in your life.
7)  And look absolutely adorable doing it.

8)  Laugh out loud.

9)  Try teamwork.

10)  Take another great family portrait--and be the one to make a funny face.

11)  Watch the naughty horses get into mischief--from the safety of the Doodad.

12)  Open the gate.

13)  Climb on the gate.

14)  Sit in the shade of the RTV.

 15)  Laugh about stepping in manure.
17)  Pet a calf.

18)  Watch someone else pet a calf.

19)  Invent the most unusual position for petting a calf.

20)  Pet a mama cow.

21)  Be in a cow's family portrait.

Thank you, Nicolas, Alison, William, Elliot and Aimée for embracing our farm with so much joy.  You made our day!


  1. You have a nice petting farm Susan, what a nice day for your friends kids. I didn't realize how small the Dexter cows are.

    1. They really are small, Gordon. My daughter and I drove past a farm in Kentucky recently, and their cows were right by the fence just a few yards from the road. Whatever breed they were, they were black and HUGE! I couldn't believe the difference! We saw our friends again today, and they said that when the kids saw us, one of them said, "Look, Julie's mama!" :)


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