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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eden's First Visit to Zephyr Hill Farm

Eden came to visit for the very first time this past weekend.  Her Daddy was on a belated birthday camping trip, so Mommy came with Charis, Kol and Eden.

Didi was her Number One go-to person when she felt fussy.  While he sang, Eden would look around calmly, fussing forgotten.

Note that Zephyr is under the table, staying as close to Eden as she can get.  All of the dogs were very interested to meet her, but Zephyr was her special shadow.
Eden and Didi also had long talks.  Just what every man loves:  a captive audience of a female who hangs on his every word and has absolutely NOTHING to say!

Eden was clearly impressed by her farm tour!
She didn't ride Julie, but she did join in for a photo now that the Pony Club has grown to three members!

She slept through the visit to the brooder house where Charis and Kol had a "meet and greet" with their Thanksgiving dinner.

As you can see, it's going to be a long wait!

Monique took this cute shot of Eden modeling her outfit from Didi and Mimi.  It looked adorable in the store, but now we think it's completely outshone by the model!

We're so thrilled that Eden has joined the family, and we look forward to many more precious hours with her here on Zephyr Hill Farm.

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  1. What precious, precious photos of Eden and Herb! Grandkids are great!


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