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Monday, May 20, 2013

Somebody Feed These Poor Starving Horses!

Angel and Brandy are apparently so hungry that they have been reduced to eating bark and birdseed. (Although if Angel thinks she can eat this giant oak, I'd say she's barking up the wrong tree!)

Somebody feed these poor starving horses!  Just look at their emaciated rear ends!  (Note that Julie's almost in the Fly-Swatting Club.  Brandy now lets her get just close enough to get in on a little piece of the action.)

Poor Julie is obviously so hungry that she's considering eating the roses instead of smelling them!
Well, maybe she's not quite that hungry, but Brandy sure was! (Too bad I missed the photo!)

Hopefully my readers are feeling well-fed enough to enjoy these roses without eating them.  You'll just have to take my word about how sweet they smell!


  1. Life on Zephyr Hill Farm must be rough that the horses are resorting to such desperate means for food! Hahaha! :P


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