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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Beautiful, Soggy Stroll

Sunday, May 19, the skies finally cleared in the early evening after 4.8" of rain in a little over 24 hours. Looking out the window we could see that the lower part of the property was flooded, and we decided to walk down and check things out.  The angle of this photo shows where the creek used to cut across the Lower Pasture--right by the bright green bushes in the center of the photo.

But this time we had so much water that most of the water rushed on past the slight bend across the pasture and formed a new channel.  Unfortunately, this new channel of water is putting more stress on the fence posts, and a few of them are starting to lean.

Angel and Brandy joined us on our stroll and stopped to get a drink in the middle of the new branch of the creek.

You can see this new course the creek is taking as opposed to its former course across the pasture (near the two dark fence posts at the right of the photo.)  You just can't argue with the forces of nature!

Sara and Siobhan came to join us on our stroll, too.

As we headed down the road toward the Back Pasture where the horses had preceded us, I got a shot of Siobhan from behind.  No pregnant woman wants to be photographed from behind, especially if her belly is bigger than her bottom, but in a cow this is a beautiful sight! It makes me impatient for that baby!
One of the things we love about our Dexters is the way they accompany us as we stroll about the farm!
Afraid he was missing out on something, Hero came flashing back from wherever he had been exploring.

Everyone waited around the gate thinking we were going to let them into the Back Pasture.  Unfortunately, Herb had carried off the portable solar transformers to use elsewhere, so they had to wait.

Brandy checked out the water pouring down from the pond overflow to join the water from the creek.

While I was prosaically snapping photos, my sweet hubby was picking me a bouquet of wildflowers!

As the last bit of light disappeared from the sky, it was harder and harder to get a good photo, but somehow the fading light made the beauty around us even more spellbinding.

I found myself almost wishing I was a horse so I could spend the night in that peaceful spot beside the gently rushing stream.  I wonder if they know how lucky they are?

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  1. Whoa! There should be a word that describes soggier than soggy! You really did get some rain! Thanks for letting me join in on your walk!


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