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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Still Soggy

We walked down to get the horses yesterday to put them in the front yard to graze.

Brandy saw us coming and headed over to meet us.  That natural horsemanship training has created such a bond between us, and has made her very affectionate with Herb, too.  She was affectionate as a foal, but was pushy and bossy--which seems to be her normal personality based on how she is with the other animals.  But with us she is just friendly and wants to be with us!

Brandy, however, did not want to be with us badly enough to cross the water!  It was only ankle-high (you can hardly see it through the grass), but I had to wade across the water and halter both Brandy and Angel, then wade back for Julie.  Herb would have done it, but he had on real shoes, and I had garden shoes so I elected myself.  It was actually kind of fun going wading!

The effects of the flooding can be seen with debris washed up along the high water line.  You can also see that all this rain has really made the grass take off!

Here Herb is leading Brandy and Angel (I usually take Julie separately just in case Brandy decides to take a bite out of her) to the front yard to graze inside the electric fence.

I was enjoying seeing Angel so beautifully black and shiny in her new summer coat (which will soon bleach out to reddish brown due to the sun) when I realized that Brandy is actually bigger than Angel.  It must be all those Alpha-Mare hormones!

We really do love our horses--and pony!  They're the sweetest!

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