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Thursday, April 18, 2013

In Clover!

Herb set up two strands of electric fence this morning, and then we got our three automatic lawn mowers going in the back yard.

It seemed a shame to mow all that nice clover and orchard grass!  Sara and Siobhan really wanted to come, too, but Siobhan tends to test the electric fence, and Herb didn't want to have to string two wires.  At least Sara and Siobhan (in the distance) can have their pick of the grass in Kara's Pasture today.

It took two and a half hours of chowing down before the mowing crew was ready for a break.

It used to cost a former owner $650 a month to mow this property.  No offense, but I like our method better!  I love looking out my window to see the girls standing under the tree, gently swishing flies away with their tails.  I'm willing to put up with patches of long grass left untouched and hummocks of manure here and there.  In exchange we get pastoral beauty, companionship, and eventually meat and milk.  And then we get to play with the tractor when we bush-hog and harrow.  To my mind, it's a win-win situation for everyone--except for the three-man crew that used to mow!

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