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Thursday, April 18, 2013

More New Babies for 2013

These babies were completely unexpected and unplanned!  I stopped at our local farm and garden store to check out their plants, and loud chirping attracted my attention.

"Do you, by any chance, have . . . ?" I asked as I peered into the cages full of baby chicks.  And they did.  And now they don't have any, but we do!  Check out our babies:

No, they're not chicks.

There are 5 keets, the little light-colored ones with racing stripes on their heads and coral-colored beaks. "Keets" are baby guinea fowl, and they will be our Tick Disposal Squad.  They're the ones singing the happy little song you can hear.  They will free range and be shut up at night in the old Gypsy Coop.  I plan to locate it near the kids' play area.  That was one dumb tick that came crawling up to me the other day as I sat there with the kids!  Because now I've got Guineas!

There are also 3 poults, slightly larger and darker with lighter beaks and blotchy heads.  "Poults" are baby turkeys, in this case Bronze-Breasted Turkeys.  They aren't making any noise, but I understand that's the sign of a happy poult!  They will be pastured with the sheep (and hopefully all the chickens) when they're old enough.  And no, they're not pets . . . they're an early investment in a good Thanksgiving.

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