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Friday, February 15, 2013

An End to Shemar and His Criminal Mind

(ADVISORY:  There is a slightly graphic photo on this post, although there is no blood or guts.)

Back in October, Shemar became the Top Rooster.  For a short while he fulfilled his duties conscientiously.

Unfortunately, by December, Shemar turned from "serving and protecting" to a criminal lifestyle when he attacked Kara and drew blood through her jeans.

It got to the point that Kara and I couldn't go into the barnyard without back-up.  I detest living in fear of a 7-lb. bird, so Shemar's days were numbered.  I've said it here and I'll say it again, any mean, aggressive animal on this farm gets eaten!

We've been procrastinating since we hate to butcher in the rain, but yesterday Shemar jumped Herb while his back was turned. He didn't draw blood this time, but it didn't matter.  Like all criminals, he was stupid!  He returned to the scene of the crime one too many times!  Last night Herb plucked Shemar off his roost in the chicken coop and shut him up in a dog carrier, to Shemar's audible fury!  Right after lunch, Herb did the dastardly deed . . .

... and I finished up.  Shemar (and his criminal mind) have come to a bad end.  Or--from Kara's and my perspective--a good end!  I've promised him to Kara for a nice coq au vin.  Now that's a really good end to a bad rooster!

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