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Friday, February 8, 2013

Riding Shotgun at Feeding Time

Some afternoons Herb has class late so he likes me to feed the animals.  I was just going to throw hay over the fence and leave the chickens and cats unfed because of Shemar of the Criminal Mind--but then Kara came along and agreed to ride shotgun for me.  (Since she grew up in France without Westerns, I had to explain what I meant!)

Beginning at about 3 pm, everyone is standing at the gate waiting for dinner.

While Kara stood guard with a rooster stick, I waded through everyone with the loaded hay net.  It's surprising how heavy hay can be!

Siobhan's manners aren't quite as good as Angel's and Brandy's, so she was grabbing dinner while it was still on the move.

I gave her lots of petting and rubbing, leaning on her and working my hand back to her udder, getting her used to me handling it in preparation for milking her.  She didn't bat an eyelash, but Kara was mortified that I wanted her to take a photo of me (in her words) "feeling Siobhan up!"

 Embarrassed at her photographic assignment, Kara gave me the chicken stick and said she'd go put the rest of the hay in the manger.  Sara moved in for her appetizer, knowing she wouldn't get dinner until everyone else was done.

Kara rolled up her jeans in preparation for wading through the mud to the manger.
Just then Julie came running up, having been run off by Angel & Brandy.

She wanted an appetizer, too.
You can tell who's Top Cow and Top Horse by who gets the hay net.  Low Horse (Angel) and Low Pony get the manger . . .

while poor Sara gets to wait!  Shemar may have a Criminal Mind, but he's also smart, and he knows when he's beaten (without actually needing to be hit) so he just crowed his frustration to the world . . .

while Kara raided the coop.  It seems like Shemar's girls outdid themselves for us.

That stick in the lower right corner is a hand-made, striped-bark walking stick--otherwise known as a Shotgun!

And that, Kara, is what riding shotgun is all about--having someone's back, or in terms Shemar would understand, being someone's wing man.

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