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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Something to Crow About

Meet some of the "new" chickens:

Sterling is behind the Light Brahma rooster whom I've decided to call Gandhi because Light Brahmas are supposed to be peaceable.  His fellow rooster is a Black Australorp, with Black Australorp hen Whoopie Goldbird at right.
Temple Gray-hen, the Light Brahma, tries some acrobatics.

Temple Gray-hen and Whoopie Goldbird join the ducks for some food.

Amelia Egghart is the smallest and most timid hen.  I don't know what happened to her; I named her after Amelia Earhart because she was the most adventurous.  Maybe she crashed and lost her nerve.

Oprah Wing-free was busy laying in the "secret" nest in the hay bale.

When she came out, she proclaimed loud and clear how proud she was of what she'd done!  I've never heard a hen "broadcast" quite as loud and clear.  (I can tell she's Oprah because she has bigger "hair"--her comb.)

I've decided to call this guy Shemar Moore because he's hot stuff and he knows it.  He really has something to crow about:  Most of his rivals are in the freezer, and he's the Boss Rooster!


  1. Love reading updates, save this as a treat for thend of my days of study! JL

  2. So glad to hear it. We're praying for you.


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