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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Up with the Sun

Our Christmas holidays were happy and busy with three of our grown kids, two spouses and two grandchildren staying in the house.  Having little kids around guarantees things will be lively, but how do you guarantee rest for sleepy parents when little ones are up with the sun?

The obvious answer is that Dada and Mama take turns sleeping in and getting up to play with the kids.  But when Didi says it's time to feed the animals, sleepy Dada better say good-bye to sitting on the floor in pj's quietly playing with trains.

It's time to break out coats and hats and mittens and boots so everyone can head to the barnyard!

Jim ran interference when Brandy curiously sniffed at these strangely bundled-up little beings.

Julie is more their size, but she wasn't interested in being petted once Didi appeared with the hay net.  Charis asked why Julie can't eat with Angel and Brandy, so Mimi got to explain pecking order and why Brandy chases Julie away but puts up with Siobhan.
Speaking of pecking order, everyone knew to keep the kids close and watch out for Shemar the Mean Rooster, but with so many large humans around, he contented himself with crowing, flapping and strutting around.  I must admit, that beautiful green tail is something to strut about!  Too bad Shemar has a criminal mind!

On the way back from the barnyard, everyone stopped to admire the jet streams in the sky.  Kol heard someone say "plane," so he requested "Plane?  Plane?"  And just like that, two tiny shiny dots of planes appeared, trailing new jet streams behind them.

By that time, tummies were wide awake and it was time to go feed the humans!


  1. Sweet memories! Barbara

  2. Brent, that's what you wear outside when you have a hunting preserve around two sides of your property and a third side is privately hunted! It's not just a fashion statement! :)

    Yes, they are, Barbara! Grandchildren are wonderful, aren't they?!

  3. It is so nice to have your children and grandchildren for the holidays. My son and his family stayed with us too.

    I got my Hobby Farm Magazine this month and was delighted to see that you commented on Dexter cattle in there. It makes the magazine that much more interesting when you can say I know this women.

    1. Thanks, Gordon, I'm glad you still want to admit knowing me!! I was pretty hot when I wrote that letter! (Which I'm sure you could tell.) :] I didn't mean they had to include another whole feature on Dexters; a half-inch mention in the listing of miniature breeds would have sufficed without taking up any significant room. Well, at least anyone who reads the letters now knows about Dexters! :D

      I think having kids and grandkids for the holidays is one of the best parts about this stage in life! Especially when they like grass-fed beef as much as ours do! :)


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