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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Faithful Friend & A Good Day's Work

Yesterday Herb took advantage of a dry day to drag harrow the Home Pasture . . .

and Kara's Pasture.  You can see where he had harrowed by the nicely combed grass in his wake.  I noticed Misty was keeping him company (a white spot behind the pines).

Kara's Pasture is quite large and took several hours.  It really needed harrowing, being the last pasture the livestock were in before moving into the barnyard for the winter.  Herb said that when he did the flat section (in the photo below), the manure was so thick it spread out behind him as if he was using the manure spreader!

No matter how long it took, faithful Misty (a little white dot at right) settled down to wait.  It was odd not to see Hero, Herb's usual "shadow," but Misty had obviously taken on the job in Hero's absence.

When Herb headed back to the barnyard for the manure spreader, Misty followed him there . . .

and back and settled down to wait again.

Right before feeding time it started to rain, just as Herb finished spreading manure, leaving the pastures ready for the rain to soak the manure into the ground.  Hero appeared from nowhere and raced past Misty.  Don't worry, Misty, you may not be as fast as Hero, but we know who was Daddy's faithful friend all day long!

I told Herb later that it looked like he'd had a harrowing day.  His reply?  "Oh, it was a drag!"  I'm glad his sense of humor was intact after such a long, busy day!

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