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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Close Shave

Zephyr apparently ate something that seriously disagreed with her.  (No surprise--she's got an insatiable appetite!)  Our nice Oriental carpet ended up going to the cleaner while a friend and I literally got sick giving Zephyr a bath in an attempt to make it possible to be near her!  And that's all I'll say for fear of giving TMI (Too Much Information, as my sister says)!  Our vet took care of the intestinal aspect, but the only solution for the olfactory problem was a trip to PetSmart for a close shave!  Herb offered to drive a still-malodorous Zephyr all the way out to PetSmart (90 minutes away in pre-Christmas traffic), bless his dear heart.  I suggested he get her a coat as long as he was there.

I'm proud of Herb's canine fashion sense, and Zephyr loves her new coat.  (I can't believe I actually ASKED Herb to buy a coat for a dog!)

Without the coat, Zephyr was a bit self-conscious at first, but she's gotten over it now and seems to enjoy the freedom of leaping around without feeling encumbered either by an upset tummy or several pounds of hair!

One thing a fur coat does is hide a multitude of gastronomical sins (i.e., excess pounds!)  Obviously, the question has occurred to us, but we have refrained from voicing it:

"Does this haircut make my butt look big?"

Keeping Zephyr's self image in mind, we've kept our giggles silent and just focused on her adorable little face and re-happy spirit!


  1. Miss Z looks quite fashionable with her red coat. Really enjoying your blog

  2. Miss Z looks quite fashionable with her red coat. Really enjoying your blog

  3. You should make Zephyr promise not to tell what she ate that resulted in her lovely new Christmas coat! Might be a bit hard to buy a coat to fit Misty. . .or Brandy! Seriously, she looks so cute in it and I'm glad she is OK.


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