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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's in Fashion This Fall

Frosty mornings

Mid-morning naps

South Pork Ranch T-shirts!

To my delight, I won these great shirts by being the first one to correctly guess the identity of a secret contraption featured on the "Midlife Farmwife" blog.  I met Donna O'Shaugnessy when she made a very apropos and very funny comment on a blog we both follow, which she very kindly allowed me to reblog as "The Poop-ular Chicken."  I'm definitely wearing my shirt next time I go visit my sister in Allen, Texas--right next door to South Fork Ranch in Plano!


  1. WOW ! You two are the best South Pork models we have ever had ! Sorry though about the blue ears on my red wattles. A printer issue I guess. Perhaps that just makes my hogs that much more rare. Love the pics of your land.

  2. Thanks, Donna, for the model compliment and the land comment. The view is what sold us on this place first. I thought they were just mostly patriotic pigs--red and blue!


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