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Monday, November 19, 2012

Farewell, T-Bone

Today was the day scheduled for T-Bone's trip to Triple H Meat Farms in preparation for his final journey tomorrow morning.

With Sara and Siobhan ahead of him in the pecking order, there was no question of parking the trailer in the field and waiting till he went in to eat.  This was more of a Black Ops kind of operation--separate T-Bone from the black girls.  The herd watched the trailer's approach with interest.

Their main interest, of course, was the truck and--more specifically--us in the truck almost certain to be bearing food.  When I opened the electric gate, they headed through in front of the truck, waiting to see what would happen.

Once it became clear we were heading for the round pen, the race was on!  I was so glad to see T-Bone enjoying one last run with his buddy, Siobhan--even if it did mean a few pounds lost.

Everyone, even the pregnant girls, enjoyed a run.

Siobhan won!

While she and Sara were busy checking out the trailer, T-Bone followed me right into the round pen.  I think he couldn't believe his good fortune at being the first one at the food bowl!

A swish of the sweep gate, and he moved right into the chute.  Jean-Marc and I put a couple of logs behind him in case he did an about face, but they weren't needed.  T-Bone just stood there calmly.  Siobhan came over, and I thought, "Aww, she's checking on her buddy."

No, actually, she was trying to get to his food!  Sara tried, too--on her knees, sticking her horns under the bottom rail!

Jean-Marc  blocked the open side of the trailer, but T-Bone just walked through the open head gate onto the trailer like a pro.

He looked out at us as we shut the gate.  I think he was trying to say, "See, I'd make a great show steer!"

A short 20 minutes later we arrived at Triple H.

When we opened the gate, T-Bone was looking out, quite calmly.
As soon as the way was clear, he walked right up the ramp . . .
. . .and into his stall, where he proceeded to look curiously around.  We stayed and visited for a few minutes,

Herb made friends with a breeding sow one pen over,

and we got a look at the weanling piglets, including the runt sibling.  It looked like a miniature pig, but that's its litter mate in the bowl with it!

We went back to check on T-Bone, content with his food and water, to tell him goodbye and what a good steer he'd been.

Goodbye, T-Bone, we'll miss your big eyes and pretty face.  Siobhan has been calling for you all afternoon.  Cory promises he'll make it easy.  Sleep tight, little guy.  Good night.

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