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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Poop-ular Chicken

"Ah chickens.  Good for so much on the farm.  They make poop, they rearrange poop, they sort poop, they find bugs and worms in other animals' poops and then they taste FANTASTIC when eaten."

Quoted from Donna OShaughnessy (of South Pork Ranch--I LOVE that name!--in Illinois) in a comment on Sugar Mountain Farm's blog.  Thank you, Donna, for allowing me to quote your profound and witty comment!

Here's a photo tribute to our chickens doing their poop thing.  (Sorry, I didn't include photos of them making poop.  You'll just have to take Donna's and my word!)

Barnyard poop rearranged by the chickens

Gypsy, after eating bugs from other animals' poop, lays an egg with a lovely orangey yolk

Kiwi "sings" her happy chicken song as she goes about her poop management

Grace looks for bugs and seeds in the horses' poop

Grace sorts poop.  Don't ask me how she categorizes it, but she knows just when to look down and find a "goody."

Hero watches Grace find a "goody" in the sorted, rearranged poop

Beauty and deliciousness, thanks to the Poop Management Squad 

Apprentice Poop Management Squad at work in the chicken tractor on pasture fertilized with poop from horses, cattle and pigs

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