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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Welcome Visit

 Here's my sister Barbara and our nephew Thomas (camera-shy) getting ready to head home yesterday.

Thomas was ready for a spring break from running his own landscaping business, so he popped down to see us and brought his mom along.

We had a great time!  Barbara and Thomas were busy beavers, besides playing real and online Scrabble with me (which made Herb happy because he didn't have to) and doing a lot of talking and laughing!

Thomas finally got over his camera-shyness.

There are lots of things around to remind us of our great visit, like the irises Barbara planted for me.  (Those would be the ones she brought me last summer, blush, blush!)
Here are the two muscadines Thomas planted.  He'll have to come back again when they're ripe in a year or so!

In a couple of years the animals will be thanking Thomas for the red maple and mulberry he helped Herb plant in the Home Pasture.  He also helped Herb put the post-hole digger on the tractor, a two-man job, and Herb is now busy repairing fence.

The chickens will be really happy that Barbara and Thomas came, because he helped Herb move the little coop into the Home Pasture.  They can go out and free-range under Misty's watchful eye as soon as I get the nest boxes ready.

Lest you think Thomas was the only busy bee around here, we're still enjoying all the home-made bread Barbara made for us.

We have lots of things to remind us of their visit, especially the warm glow of love and laughter they left behind!

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