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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sara is a Hobby Farms Star!

I was quite pleasantly surprised a couple of weeks ago to get an email from Hobby Farms magazine wanting to make Zephyr Hill Farm the "Featured Profile" in the next issue.  I had recently joined online, set up a profile at MyFarm profiles, and uploaded pictures of our animals.  Several photos caught the eye of Rachael Brugger, Associate Web Editor, and she asked if I could send her larger files of a couple of the photos to use in the next issue.

So here's Sara sailing across the page of Hobby Farms, getting our name in print!  :)  Way to go, Sara!

You can check out our profile on My Farm and check out while you're at it.  It's a great magazine!  While I enjoy the dotcom version, there's nothing like sitting down on my favorite lounge chair while I read the magazine cover-to-cover.  I keep all the back issues, too, because they make great references.  But I don't know . . . I just might have to frame this one!  :D


  1. Hey woo! Congrats, she looks good. Good to see the cows with horns (I was going to say horny cows) appearing in magazines, too.

  2. Thanks, Brent! I'm glad she wasn't carrying a calf when that was taken, though. And "horny cows" works for us. We know what you meant! :D Sara makes up for in photogenicity (to coin a word) what she lacks in temperament!


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