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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three Wonderful Things, Yea Four

In the vein of Proverbs 30:18-19, there are three things that amaze and delight me, yea four:

Sun shining through misty rain over green pastures,

Horses grazing in the rain outside my back door,

A man and his tractor hard at work in the rain,

And (please excuse the unbiblical-sounding language, but I'm paraphrasing Herb this time) good shit, hard at work!

You will learn several things from this (somewhat) biblical meditation:
1)  In this year when we are already almost 2" short on rainfall by mid-April, we're thankful for every drop!
2)  Julie is more or less integrated into the herd.
3)  Herb is putting composted manure around all his fruit trees, using the tractor to get it down there.
4)  Herb completely flabbergasted poor Shawn, who trims my horses' feet, when my normally rather quiet husband stopped his tractor by the barnyard to crow, "I'll tell you one thing we do well here--we sure make good shit!"
5)  We're pretty easy to please!  A little rain, a little you-know-what, and our animals nearby is all it takes to make us happy!

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