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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lending a Hand

I've been helped and encouraged by Walter Jeffries' blog about raising pigs with his family on Sugar Mountain Farm.  They are in the midst of a Kickstart project to help with the USDA processing plant they are building by hand on their farm.  Let me say that "building by hand" does not begin to describe the amazing work of vaulted concrete that they are building themselves!  I've been trying to post a link for Walter so that you can see a handy little widget that gives daily updates on how far along they are to reaching their Kickstart goal, which determines if they will receive support pledged through Kickstart.

The little Internet Imps that love to plague us all have kept me from being able to post Walter's link.  I'm going to try one last time with a different link he sent me.  It should appear below . . . but if it doesn't, you can still click on the link above and go check out this amazing family farm.

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