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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving Right Along

Julie goes airborne as she works off some steam in the Home Pasture.

Sara races down the hill last Thursday to enjoy her first day out on pasture this spring.  She moves pretty fast for a pregnant cow, twirling her tail as she comes!  I was standing at the bottom of the fence, really hoping she would stop--she did!

Kiwi waits for Rascal to finish eating . . .

... and move over, so she can enjoy some cat food herself!

The first pasture turn-out of spring always involves a race between the dogs and the horses, with everyone ending up in the far corner of Kara's Pasture--except poor Julie.

Left behind, all she can do is race around her pasture whinnying her heart out, until Herb comes to take her to the barnyard (where she's still quarantined from the horses).


  1. I think I need to meet that girl! Julie looks like a dream. Is it finally a pony that can renew my faith in the species? :) Good to see you are doing all well down on the farm!

    Love, Sarah

  2. You do need to meet her, Sarah! She moves so beautifully, and I think her temperament might restore your faith in ponies. The man that sold her to us said he doesn't normally care for ponies, but he really likes Julie.

    Yes, we're doing well. Hoping I can join you for some riding when you come. :)


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