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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Julie Joins the Herd

Yesterday marked three weeks Julie has been with us--and the end of the vet's quarantine.  It was finally time for her to join Angel and Brandy and the cattle.  Angel & Brandy came running to meet her when we took her into the pasture, and Brandy got in a good hard kick to make sure she and Julie got off on the right footing!

Julie kicked back, then took off running, and Zephyr joined the race . . .

... while the cows came running to see what the excitement was all about.

Suddenly Hero slipped through a gap in the gate and joined in the race, leading the thundering herd down to the bottom of the pasture.  Misty followed along at a safe distance, seeming to know that she just can't move fast enough to get in the midst of that gang.

Of course Herb and I were following as fast as I could manage, yelling for Hero who completely ignored us.  At least Julie didn't seem to mind him, which was what we were really worried about.  If you know horse body language, you can tell Brandy is still chasing poor Julie.

Angel seemed to be going along for the run of it!  (Not a typo!)

Finally we got hold of Hero, and everyone settled down to graze . . .

... although Brandy did her "snaky neck thing" after poor Julie whenever she moved anywhere.

But by this morning when I got Brandy out to groom her, Angel and Julie were quite content together, and Angel even called to Julie when I separated them for grooming.  So half the battle is won, Julie--just give Brandy a little longer and you'll be everybody's pet!


  1. Horses running around a paddock - how glorious is that!

  2. Oh Brandy! Just enjoy your new company like your momma! Angel knows Julie is just another friend! I knew I liked Angel for a reason, besides being a lovely mare to ride!


  3. I agree, Brent! Not so sure I love to see our little beef steer and our pregnant cow joining in, but they don't do it for long! :)

    Thanks, Sarah! I named her Angel when I had bought her but not brought her home. I went up to visit her with Monique & Kara & Jenny. We all walked into her stall, and she came over to us and started nuzzling us. Both Monique and I exclaimed in concert, "What an Angel!" And that was her name! And she is!

  4. Thanks for letting me watch via your photos! They look like poetry in motion.


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