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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Charis and Kol and the Too Big, Not-So-Good Helmet

Also, the Handy Dandy Brush, the Just Right Saddle with the Hanging-On-To Saddle Horn, and the Absolutely, Simply Perfect Pony named Julie!

When we babysat the other night, I got out my iPad and showed Charis all the pictures of her riding the pony.  She said two very cute things.

First, she asked where were the pictures of her brushing the pony?  Unfortunately, Aunt Kara must have been taking pictures of Kol while Charis brushed Julie, so there weren't any.  I told Charis that next time she came to see Julie, we'd get pictures of her brushing Julie.  "Will you take them, Mimi?" she asked.  And I promised her I would.

The next thing she said was, "I wish there were two ponies."  I asked her why.  She couldn't quite express it, so I asked, "So you and Kol could both ride one at the same time?"  That was the reason, all right!  This little horse lover has figured out pretty quickly that if there are enough horses to go around, you get more riding time!

Unfortunately, that was a request I couldn't grant, and I told her that she and Kol will be able to share.  (I didn't tell her that I'd lose my good home if I went home and told Didi we have to have another pony!)

Here are the pictures, "as you wish, Princess"--just for you from Mimi with love!

Good job, Charis!  Look at all that winter coat you're getting off.

And good job, Aunt Kara, explaining that Julie can't just take her winter coat off and hang it up when it gets warm!

You were such a good sport about your new too big, not-so-good helmet, Charis!  We'll go back to your bike helmet next time, until we find an XS!
Yep, when the helmet's half the size of the rider, it's too big!  But doesn't Julie Blue, as Aunt Kara calls her, look gorgeous in blue!

Kol was not enamored of the helmet, either!

I don't blame you, sweetheart!
Once we decided that we could let him grow into the idea as long as someone hangs on to him, he was ready to sit on Julie.

Good job, Jockey Man!
It's fun, isn't it, Kol?
This is a little-boy brain in action, figuring out what the saddle horn is for!  Can you jiggle it off?
You've got the idea, Kol!  Now where's that rope?
And when Julie decided to take a step, Kol just hung on and took it in stride.  Yee-haw!


  1. Ahh, looks like so much fun! Thanks for letting me be there via photos. Ride'em cowboy and cowgirl!

  2. This is a wonderful post and story! Charis and I are enjoying it together! Thanks! -Charis and Monique


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