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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Genealogy Geeks, Rejoice! The 1940 Census is Coming!

The 1940 Census is coming right to your computer!  Check out and get in on this event of a lifetime!  The U.S. Government waits 70 years to release a census, considering that is the life expectancy of the youngest people on it.  The 1950 won't be released for 10 more years.  I won't be able to find myself on a census unless I live for 20 more years!  So this is a big deal because I'll be able to find my parents, Herb's parents, and their families on this one.

Breaking News: The 1940 Census is being released!

As an Ace (meaning I was willing to give them some personal information to get in on advanced access)  I have been asked to preview the
Enumeration Districts.  This is how you find your family, based on what district they lived in. has asked me to experiment with this and to share the link with you.  Aren't you lucky you're reading this blog?

Let me know what you think!

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