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Friday, March 30, 2012

Color My World

Black for Black Gold, ready to go in the garden beds.  How did the nice, neat pile Herb made get scattered?  Stay tuned . . .

White for cauliflower, my very first!  This sad little plant made it through the winter, so I decided to leave it.  It might want to bolt in the 80-something heat we've been having (who wouldn't want to bolt?!), but I'm going to eat it no matter what!

 White for strawberry blossoms, promise of Red to come!

White for dogwoods at the edge of the woods . . .

... and dogwoods lining the driveway.  (The telephone pole, sigh!  But it brings us DSL!)

White for crabapple tree in the front yard.

Black and White for a dirty dog.  Chicago is running through my head right now:
The dog is black,
The dog was white--
I can't believe I'm seeing this sight,
But she's staying outside!

White and black for white dog in play clothes and black dog in his tux.

Black and white for Misty and the pile of Black Gold.  Now you know "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey would say.  What you can only imagine is the absolute orgy of rolling that Misty enjoyed this morning while I was in the garden (without my camera handy)!

Black and white for rich, black soil and white row covers (and that's another story!)

Green for peas coming up in the garden.
Green for the grass that is finally coming in!

Green for baby bok choy leaves glistening with raindrops.

Brown for a pinto pony that rolled in the mud!  (Apparently, Julie is a bay tovero, but I'd be glad for someone who knows to straighten me out!)

Brown for Brandy and green for the weeds I tossed into the barnyard, one of which landed on her head.

Brown for a bad roll of hay that our hay man made good on.  We're happy clients, and we have some hay to strew on bare spots of dirt near the pond.

Brown for compost.

Pink for blueberry blossoms.  I can already see them forming--and practically taste them!

Pink for a panting puppy tongue after Misty's run with Hero.  This picture reminds me of an old joke with a new twist:  What's black and white and pink all over?

Blue for Blue-Eyed Mary, one of my favorite wildflowers.  I bought these at Reflection Riding's plant sale last spring, and they came up again.

Purple for wildflowers at the edge of the woods.

Purple for raindrops on Dutch irises from my sister.  Thank you, Barbara, they're beautiful!


  1. I do like the photo with the telegraph pole, mostly for the winding road in the background. You've been working on those photo skills. The results are looking good.

    That grass is going to be thick and lush!

  2. So glad you are enjoying the iris--your spring is ahead of ours as mine are barely forming buds.


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