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Monday, March 26, 2012

Charis and Kol Meet Julie

NOTE:  These pictures are all courtesy of Kara, guest photographer.

Saturday was Herb's 59th birthday, and it was also the first time Charis and Kol got to meet Julie.  Julie got all beautiful yesterday, and then of course, it rained during the night and she had a nice roll in the mud!   But Charis didn't care; she couldn't wait to get up on Julie.   Monique held her while I showed her how to grab a handful of mane.

This girl was born to ride!  :D
 Sitting still was okay for a couple minutes . . .

but then she was ready to go.  Jim "rode shotgun," and away we went.  Julie walked out with a nice stride, but very smooth and steady as if she knew it was Charis' first time.

Charis was having such a ball, we all had a great time along with her!

Then it was Kol's turn.  He made a grabbing motion with his hands to show he wanted to ride, but about 30 seconds was enough.  Back on, then back off.  That's okay--he needs to know that he can get off when he wants to!

Kol was fascinated by Julie's soft nose.
Especially when he stuck his finger up her nostril!  Julie just stood there like the good pony she is.  In fact, I think she was even smiling!

 Kol thought the new curry comb was pretty fun, too.  It kept him happy while Charis took another ride.
In fact, I think Kol is a natural horseman, too, because he was just as happy being with his pony as on it!  And Julie stood so still with him near her feet.  This is one sweet pony!

We did go back in and celebrate Herb's birthday.  Jenny had even flown in for the day from Virginia as a surprise for him.  We ate lots of smoked pork ribs, opened presents, and had devil's food cupcakes with peanut butter, banana slices, and mocha frosting!

But I felt like it was my birthday, too!  The dream I've had since Charis was born has finally come true!

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