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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

That's a Lot of Bull, Part II

One of our potential bull choices is Belle Fourche Rousseau, owned by Hope Refuge Farm (click link to see his page in their herd book).

Belle Fourche Rousseau
Rousseau's first ADCA-registered calves hit the ground in 2008.  He has sired quite a few calves that are registered with both the ADCA and the PDCA, but unfortunately, very few people have put pictures up with the registrations.  Rousseau is 46" at the hip.

Rousseau is homozygous for polled (meaning all his offspring will be naturally hornless) and A2 milk (a more healthy type of milk protein).  He's got a "super temperament" and comes from "great dairy bloodlines."  His dam produces 3 to 3 1/2 gallons a day.  He is 46" at the hip and weighs 960 lbs.  He is PHA and chondrodysplasia-free (two genetic problems that can affect Dexters).

Rousseau heifer, ADCA
At left is one of Rousseau's heifers followed below by one of his steers, also owned by Hope Refuge Farm.

Mignnon, ADCA steer
Stay tuned to see more of Siobhan's suitors . . .


  1. 960lb! Wow, amazing to hear the weights. The bulls around here are over 1000kg!

  2. I know, Brent, so I guess it's only a lot of bull relatively speaking! :) Actually, that's one of the things that attracted us to Dexters since we're both over 50 and had no experience with cattle. They're a nice manageable size. Our full-grown cows top out at about 750 lbs. I like small cows--and big dogs! Misty, our Great Pyr, isn't much smaller than our heifer Siobhan, at least in height. :)

  3. Oh, Susan, if I had known you were going to post all that I could've gotten you updated photos for the kiddos! And I guess I haven't updated Rousseau's weight since I last threw the weight tape around him. In Jan. he measured around 1050 lbs....still muscling up. :)


  4. Kim, if you want to give me updated photos, I'll repost. Rousseau is a really impressive bull and should get his due credit! :)


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