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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now That's a Lot of Bull!

The search is on for a bull to breed Siobhan to in a couple of months.  I've been checking bulls' pedigrees and photos of their progeny online as well as contacting their owners to see what qualities their bull could offer to our breeding program.

In subsequent posts, I'll list the top candidates to allow anyone with any thoughts on the particular bulls to weigh in.

For this post, I plan to concentrate on Siobhan, her dam, and her sire.  I'll start with the lady seeking a suitor!  Here are photos of Siobhan at nine months and a year.

Siobhan, nine months, next to Sara

Siobhan, at left, one year.

It all started with Sara:

S & H Hilltop Sara

Here's a photo of Siobhan's sire Hillview Red Wing.  Click on his name to visit the KHeart Dexters website and see more photos of this great bull.  We chose Red Wing to improve Sara's less-than-ideal conformation and udder.

Hillview Red Wing

From the ADCA progeny of Red Wing and PDCA list of Red Wing's progeny, I was able to find photos of many of his offspring.  Here are some of the photos pulled from the two websites.  You can find the animals' names, owners and pedigrees by clicking on the links above.

Bull, ADCA

Bull, ADCA

Bull, PDCA



Heifer, PDCA

Heifer, PDCA

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