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Monday, February 27, 2012

This 'n That

A full dozen catch-up pictures, this and that from our daily lives.

And you thought YOU were having a bad day!

This scene stopped me dead in the road on my way home one day about a mile from home.  Fortunately, the driver had gotten out, and there was no blood on the road, so I assume he wasn't injured.  It really puts a "bad day" in perspective!

Foggy morning sun glowing outside our front door.

Misty is . . . a Hoarder!  This is part of her growing "collection" in front of our house.  Her treasures include 8 dogs toys, 14 branches and tree limbs of various sizes, a rubber bowl from the barn, a piece of siding (not from any of our structures), a chewed up red plastic dog bowl, a plastic lid from a 5-gal. bucket, pieces of a former cardboard box, and a hubcap (not from one of our vehicles).  She recently added a very heavy salt block holder from the hay barn.  She brings her treasures to the front yard where she lays in the sun and chews on her current favorite.  As with any hoarder, picking up is useless--she just goes out and "collects" some more treasures!

Sunrise on Pony Shopping Day (see previous post).  This was the best part of that day!

Pinky-gold lace curtains at sunrise.

"Proof of life," a cardinal perches on a forsythia branch among barely opening buds.

More "proof of life," the weeping willow tree planted out by the pond in memory of my mother made it through the winter.  At first we thought it had died, but when we looked closely, we found a couple branches with tiny leaf buds.
Five Egg Day--not bad, from six chickens!  I KNEW one of them wasn't laying before!  The pinky one--the very first ever--at left is from Robin.  The next one is from one of the two Naked Necks.  I believe the middle one is from Kiwi, the only other surviving Ameraucana from the same brood as Robin.  The green one is Gypsy's and the large brown one, Esmerelda's.  They're the only two surviving Ameraucanas from the first brood; my oldest hens with the biggest eggs.

Bright sun limns branches against a stormy sky.

The same tree at sunset.

Jonathan Livingston Robin!  When I went out to take pictures of the sunset, a convention of robins out in the Home Pasture took flight, and I caught this one on the wing.  The beautiful evening was punctuated with their cheerful songs as they flew to the trees, then back to the field and back to the trees again.


  1. Rainbow colored eggs, eh. Impressive.

  2. limns--ahhh, a good word--i like it but very seldom hear it used!

  3. Barbara, maybe because no one knows how to pronounce it! That's the nice thing about writing it--everyone just assumes I'm very smart and know what it means and how to pronounce it! :D

    Did you know that if I hold my arms up in the air in the morning, the sun limns my limbs. :D


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