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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remodeling the Chicken Coop

 Gypsy and Esmerelda, our two older pullets, ducked into Brandy's stall for a spot of hunt-and-peck, only to find it swept clean.

Their coop had been swept clean, too, and treated for mites (just in case) in preparation for a major remodel.

Part way through the job, Alger Hiss came to inspect our work.  I could swear I heard him say, "Yessssss!"

 We installed two 2x4's horizontally as a platform to hold the nest boxes.  In front, we placed a recycled fence board as a lip to hold nesting materials in the boxes; it lifts out so we can easily remove the nest boxes for cleaning.  The upper 2x4 is a brace for the "roof" that goes over the nest boxes.

Here's the final picture with the nest boxes in place.  Each one is unique: three different plastic crates and one plastic bucket.  Each is padded on the bottom with a piece of plastic "grass" carpet.  A bit of hay makes a cozy nest, held in place by the white board even if the girls scratch around making their nests comfy.

The cut-down folding closet door rests against the 2x4 brace and the back wall, holding itself in place by its own weight.  It's pretty easy to fold it in half and remove it for cleaning.

The 2x3 perches (running at right angles to each other) are the only new lumber we had to buy; everything else was laying around the hay barn.  The blue tarp on the floor is held in place by strategic nails through the grommets.  This makes it easy to haul all the dirty litter out to be carried to the compost heap when it's time to clean the coop.

We moved the girls one night after they had roosted, then closed up the old coop.  They took right to the new one.  I wonder if they remember it from back in June when they used to live in it, B.F.  (Before the Fox)  At any rate, they chortle contentedly and they're laying a bit more.  Of course, that could be because Herb nailed a board up around the bottom of the tack room since we suspected they were laying under there.  I just hope that if they did, one of Templeton's descendants will successfully carry off any eggs!


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  2. Glad those silly girls are laying again. We love having fresh eggs when we come. JM will have such a feast when he comes to visit the farm next week.

  3. He'll have to watch the eggs. The old girls have eschewed the perches at night and started sleeping--and pooping--in the nest boxes. I just flip it out with my hand, but JM might prefer to use a glove. :) Fore-warned is fore-armed!


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