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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charis & Kol Visit the Barnyard

About a week ago, Jim & Monique brought Charis and Kol over for lunch and the afternoon.  Kara joined us for a farm tour.  First stop was the pigs, who entertained us with piggy noises over the snack we brought.  They gave us a very vivid impression of what it means to "eat like a pig" and to "be into your food!"

Mercy was one of our first batch of meat chickens, the personable Naked Necks.  Her sister Grace was elected for salvation beforehand.  :)  Mercy escaped from Herb as he was carrying her to the Killing Cones, thus earning mercy and her name.  Since Jim and Monique split that batch of chickens with us, the second chicken to be saved was theirs, and I save her eggs (a unique lavender-brown) for them.  Jim and Kol got to meet Mercy for the first time.

"Can I really touch it?  It won't hurt me?"

Yes, Kol, you really can touch her.  She's a nice chicken!

One of Charis' favorite things about a visit to the farm is the bowl of Jolly Ranchers!

After visiting the barnyard we took everyone on a tour of the new pasture, and Kol got to ride down on Monique's shoulders.

Back at the house, Charis discovered Dada's old Brio train. Has anyone ever seen a cuter engineer?

Before they left, it was time to get a picture of Charis and Kol with Mimi and Didi.

"Hey, Charis, look this way!"
Climbing Mt. Didi.


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