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Monday, September 19, 2011

Alger Hiss Teaches Misty a Lesson

"Familiarity breeds contempt."  I'm afraid that's what happened with Misty's good LGD manners when we spent two days in a row working in the barnyard.  She started out just fine, lying quietly near the ducks . . .

. . . but then she decided to play with Alger.  She tried to touch noses with him.

Alger hissed and stared Misty down.  She dropped her head for a moment, but then got friendly again.

Alger was too quick for both of us.  I missed the photo op, and Misty got pecked on the face.  Alger stood hissing at her with his crest raised even after she jumped up and backed away.

Being a friendly puppy who just knows that everyone finds her adorable, Misty came back playfully, wagging her tail, although keeping a little more distance.  She's young--not dumb!

Alger decided that a few more pecks were in order.  Unfortunately, once again neither of us saw them coming.  But this time Misty learned her lesson. She moved away and lay down.  Alger was not convinced.

Even when Misty turned her head away, Alger kept an eye on her.  He's a very good teacher, I think, making sure his student comprehends the lesson material!

In fact, Alger is all over everything in his little barnyard domain.  He heard me cleaning nest boxes and came to check me out.  Why?  Because my spray bottle made a soft hissing sound, and Alger thought maybe there was a new Muscovy girl in town!  Sorry Alger, you can't really be friends with a bottle of bleach water!


  1. Misty is such a doll! She looks like one of the muppet except in the white fur version!!

  2. Yes, I think she looks like a white version of Rolf (the dog who sings at the piano). Speaking of which, she was singing the blues out in the barnyard last night, her first night there.


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