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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After reading a recent post on The Greening of Gavin, I was inspired to use some lemons that were beginning to age in my refrigerator and try my hand at making Limoncello, too.

My version is lazier and perhaps not so green as Gavin's, and I can't taste his all the way from Australia, but here it is:

7 medium-sized lemons, zested and juiced

My trusty zester removed the zest without the pith.

I put the zest into a large, clean jar with 3 c. of vodka.  I added the fresh lemon juice, about 2/3 c.  I sealed the jar and put it on a dark countertop to age.

After 5 days, Kara and I tasted the lemony vodka and found it plenty lemony.  I strained it through cheesecloth into a large clean bottle and added 1 c. Trader Joe's simple syrup. Then I put some in an attractive serving bottle, and voila!

Delicious, homemade, easy limoncello.

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