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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tug 'o War

Now that Zephyr is friends with Misty, they've started playing tug 'o war.  At first, Misty didn't stand a chance because she was so much smaller.  She still weighs less--17 lbs. to Zephyr's 25--but she's almost as tall as Zephyr and more solidly square.  She also brings her Pyr stubbornness to the game, helped by a formidable set of very sharp little puppy teeth!
Misty is also learning some tactics, like turning her broad shoulder to block Zephyr, or taking the ball under a piece of furniture so it's harder for Zephyr to get to her.
More and more now, this has become a common sight:  Misty yanking the ball away from Zephyr!  Zephyr is still faster and usually manages to grab hold of the ball again . . .
. . . but a certain gleam of desperation in her eyes . . .
. . . accompanied by frenzied growling on both dogs' part . . .
. . . is pretty much the way this game is played now!
Misty often ends up in possession of the ball with Zephyr looking to mommy to moderate:

"Make her share, Mommy!"

"No, I won it fair and square, Mommy!"

What's a doggy mommy to do?  Just take a picture and love on everyone!  And maybe try to be a peacemaker?  Stay tuned for details . . .


  1. Misty is just such a doll. Were I Zephyr, I'd be very jealous! Make sure you give Zeph some loving for us!

  2. Oh, yes, Zephyr gets lots of loving. I want to be sure she doesn't need to be jealous.


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