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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tug 'o War, Part II: Peacemaking

What does any good mother do when both her children want the same toy?  Assuming she's given up teaching them to share, she buys them each their own toy.

Here is Misty with her squirrel toy.
Here is Zephyr with hers.
Here is Misty watching Zephyr shake her "dead" squirrel.
Here is Misty with Zephyr's squirrel and Zephyr looking longingly (or calculatingly) at it.
Here is Misty offering to play with Zephyr (with Zephyr's squirrel).
Here are Misty and Zephyr playing tug o' war with Zephyr's squirrel--first Zephyr prevails, then Misty prevails. Back and forth, like a tennis match . . .
Until Misty wins and runs off with Zephyr's squirrel--for the second time!
The game is over; Misty wants it for herself.
This is Misty looking pleased with herself!


  1. So glad you posted more pics of the doggy friends ;-) We miss them almost as much as we miss you lol JK! But still, we miss them and Tai says Hi. He is so bored, he's eaten the tip of his tail off. We're a little worried. Do you think we can buy some of that bad tasting spray they use for kids who suck their thumbs?

  2. Poor Tai! You could try some McNasty which you should be able to find at PetSmart or Petco. Tai needs a baby brother or sister! A puppy, I mean!

  3. Of course...a puppy ;-) Talk to JM, LOL! We'll visit Petsmart soon, then. He really is bored. He stole a baby lamb stuffed animals from our boxes and made off with it and then the other day he stole a rubber container clip that hangs on the fridge and was chewing on it. It's just so hot it's hard to take him out on runs nowadays! Poor dude!

  4. Poor Tai! But hey, it's just too hot for man or beast OR WOMAN to go running in this weather! Maybe you should buy Tai a treadmill. Seriously, there are dogs that learn to use them! :) And think of all the photo-ops!

  5. Hahha, well, now the people at Petsmart have said to keep him inside all day bc of his allergies until we see the vet. Poor, poor, poor Tai times 7! He has to stay inside with the cone of shame on ;-(

  6. Hero would love to see Tai in his "Cone of Shame."


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