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Friday, August 5, 2011

Good and Not-So-Good

Good:  An overcast day.
Good:  Cooler temperatures, only 72° at 8:30 a.m.
Good:  Misty wandering over to the pigs' pasture to make friends.
Good:  Misty patrolling the fence line on her own initiative.

Good:  Seeing our three cows out in the back pasture together.
Not so good:  Seeing that T-bone, our future grass-fed beef, is the smallest.  (He's the reddish speck to the right of the two black spots.)
Good:  Seeing that Siobhan, the same age as T-bone, is well-built and robust--a good harbinger for future beef from her descendants.

Not so good:  Siobhan on the wrong side of the fence.
Good:  Herb easily repairing the break where she got out and getting her back to mama.


  1. Misty is growing up! How does Zephyr take to her roaming Zephyr-Hill Queengdom?

  2. Zephyr doesn't mind Misty patrolling. More and more, she prefers to stay inside out of the heat. And they play together, although it sometimes gets a bit bad-tempered as Misty gets older and bigger.


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