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Monday, August 8, 2011

Second Chance

Herb wanted some compost for his fruit trees, so he had to pull up the long grass that's growing on our compost heap since the chickens scattered it (when they used to free range).  He was about to yank out a handful of green stuff when he looked a bit closer:

There were half a dozen cherry tomato plants "volunteering" in the compost pile!  They seem to be the Yellow Idli grape tomatoes that lasted all summer last year despite the blight, but never produced much.  I guess they're getting a second chance!


  1. Make some tomato preserves or something for us! Save some, miam!

  2. We're freezing a few, and I made freezer salsa. Unfortunately, I just went out in the garage freezer to get some meat to thaw for dinner--and I had my choice! EVERYTHING in the freezer had completely defrosted--whatever meat I had (fortunately, not our chickens) and ALL this summer's produce! Major bummer! We had to run it all out to the garage freezer, which is now packed full. Thankfully, everything was still cold, so there will just be a slight loss of quality from re-freezing it.


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